Leipzig English Church

A diverse church committed to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, worshipping Him primarily in the English language. We seek to love God in all of our lives, with all that we are—"with all our heart, soul, mind and strength". We do this in response to what He has made known of Himself in Scripture, with an emphasis on:

  • Bible teaching: We believe that when the Bible is taught, God's voice is heard and only this can meet our deepest needs.
  • Prayer: We aim to be a church built by God not man!

Officially Anglican, and with our roots in that denomination, we aim to be a church where a person from any church background (and none) can feel at home. Many people comment on the warm and friendly atmosphere on Sundays, and enjoy the blending of old and new, traditional and contemporary.

Please use the menu bar at the top to explore this website. We hope that it will tell you everything you need to know about LEC. But if it does not, just ask.

Bible Verse for March 2019

"Be merciful, "Darum seid barmherzig, 
even as wie auch
your Father euer Vater
is merciful." barmherzig ist."
(Luke 6:36)
(Lukas 6, 36)

Church Leadership

At the AGM, the following were declared elected to Council:
     - Klaus Hickel         - Larry Norman
     - Damaris Seidler    - Peter West

Existing members of Council are:
     - Marga Bauer         - Johannes Fischer
     - Arne Käthner        - Mayke Lindemann
     - Vittorio Montauti   - Sally Nixon
     - David Sinclair       - Wendla Weih

The following were declared elected as Churchwardens:
     - Stefan Seidel       
     - Bill Soper

The following were approved as Elders alongside Martin:
     - Theo Brandt         - Klaus Hickel
     - Arne Käthner        - Vittorio Montauti
     - Larry Norman       - Peter West


New homegroups

In addition to the existing groups, there are two new options in the Südvorstadt, both in English:

Wednesday at 7.30pm at Damaris' S., Schenkendorfstr.
Leader: Bill S. - 0157 32244809

Monday at 7.30pm, for women only at Petra's, Hardenbergstr. - 0175 5027255



Frank has drawn our attention to a source of cheap but functional second-hand bikes.

There are flyers on the info table, and gift bike padlocks available in the Sakristei.


Martin away

Martin will be preaching at Christ Church Düsseldorf on Sunday 24th, and will then be on holiday for three weeks.

Alastair and Angela Steven will be with us for the Sundays 31st March and 7th April.


Dates ahead

Biblical Counselling - Module 3: 11th to 13th April 2019
Church Weekend Away 2019: 7th to 10th June 2019
Interaction bilingual youth camp: 29th July to 2nd August 2019
Evangelium21 national conference: 3rd to 6th October 2019

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