Training Biblical Counseling: Module 3 (of 5)

when:  24th to 26th October 2019   -   9.30am - 5pm

where: Andreasgemeindehaus - Scharnhorststraße 29

Registration Deadline: tba

Fee: €25 / Module

In addition you'll have to buy one book per module.

Registration: (Mayke Lindemann)
To secure your place please transfer the fee to:

LEC Leipzig English Church
Bank für Kirche und Diakonie eG
IBAN: DE60 3506 0190 1900 1130 10
Usage: Biblical Counseling

There will be a longer lunch break for you to go to the
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße for some food.

Module 1:
Biblical Counseling: What It Is?
(Defining a Biblical Sufficiency-Based Model of Personal
Ministry and the Nature of Personal Spiritual Growth)

Module 2:
Biblical Counseling: How Do You Do It?
(Teaching the Process and Procedures of Biblical Counseling)

Module 3:
Biblical Counseling: How Do You Do It More Effectively?
(Addressing Common Counseling Issues from God's Perspective)

Module 4:
Biblical Counseling: How Do You Share It?
(Developing a Local Church Biblical Counseling and Training Center)

Optional Modules
- Addictions (Overcoming Voluntary Slavery to Destructive Affections)
- Medical Issues (Thinking Biblically in a Diseased World)


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