Church Weekend Away 2018

May 18th-21st
Kretzschau in Saxony-Anhalt near Zeitz.

Church Weekend Away 2017

June 2nd-5th
Engelsbach in Thuringia.

Church Weekend Away 2016

May 13th-16th
Engelsbach in Thuringia.

Church Weekend Away 2015

"Church Weekend in Kiez Friedrichsee was a great time of fellowship and fun together as a church family. It was especially encouraging that so many people came along that had not been on a weekend away before. The teaching sessions were a big encouragement in living our lives for Jesus and his Gospel, and the small group times encouraged us to think through how to live it out in our lives and as a church. The Weekend Away is a highlight in our year together, and a huge encouragement to live and serve Christ together back in Leipzig, and invite others into his loving family."

                                                                                    - Peter West

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