We love kids and want to help them to grow into their own faith. On Sunday mornings, we have three groups for our children, and one for the younger youth. They join the first part of the service, then leave for their activities.

Gold Diggers is an opportunity for youth aged 11+ to "dig into" the treasures of the Bible on Sunday mornings.

At Gold Miners, children between the ages of 7 and 10 learn to mine the Bible for its priceless truth themselves.

Gold Nuggets is a Sunday School for children aged about 3 to 6. Children deal with fundamental issues of the Christian faith through listening to bible stories, singing songs, learning games, making things-simply having lots of fun with Jesus.

Gold Dust is our creche area where babies and children up to about 3 years may be taken during the service. You are welcome to keep your child with you in the service, but for everyone's comfort, we would request that you take any noisy or crying children out of the service straight away. Usually a sound relay is provided to enable parents to listen to the sermon even while being with their child in the crèche.

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