The Anglican Church in Leipzig

1862 First Anglican service in Leipzig

1864 R. Wells Whitford licensed as first Anglican Chaplain in Leipzig

1885 Dedication of All Saints Church on Sebastian-Bach-Stra├če

1914 Regular services cease after outbreak of war

1943-1945 Church building destroyed in the war

September 1994 Martin Reakes-Williams sent by ICS to do a feasibility study on the possibility of re-founding an English-speaking church

June 1995 Martin Reakes-Williams moves to Leipzig

15 October 1995 First LEC service. Weekly evening services in the Andreas Church

23-25 May 1997 First Church Weekend

1998-1999 In a long process, a Vision and Mission Statement is developed

November 1999 Mike Cain comes to Leipzig as assistant pastor

23 January 2000 First morning service in the Church Hall (Gemeindehaus) of the Luther Church (monthly)

May 2000 All services move permanently to the Church Hall (Gemeindehaus).

September 2002 Mike Cain returns to Britain, Alastair Steven becomes Lay Reader

March 2004 Weekly morning services begin

August 2004 First Youth Camp at Rehgarten, near Chemnitz

October 2005 10th Anniversary of Leipzig English Church

2009-2014 Rob Horne and his family are sent to serve in LEC by CMS Australia

May 2012 Klaus Hickel and family come to Leipzig (sent by CMS Australia) to build up a German language ministry

October 2013 Regular German language services start

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