Mission Statement

IDENTITY: who we are

Our identity as Christians:

  • God has brought us to new life through the death of Jesus on the cross, to be a holy People who 'glorify God and enjoy him for ever'.

Our particular identity as LEC:

  • God has gathered us together in Leipzig from many nations, cultures and confessions, to be a unique Gemeinde with unique opportunities to 'glorify Him and enjoy him for ever'.

MISSION: our task in this world

We are called to know Christ and make Him known as we:

  • REACH out to God's world,
    pointing wanderers home to Christ
  • BUILD up God's people,
    equipping believers to live for Christ
  • SEND out God's ministers,
    seeking to win the nations for Christ

VISION: our role in Leipzig

In God's strength we seek to be whole people taking the whole bible to the whole world:

  • whole people:
    loving God with clear minds and warm hearts, worshipping him in our everyday life
  • whole bible:
    proclaiming God's unchanging Word, applying it to life in a changing world
  • whole world:
    advancing God's world-wide purposes by taking our God-given opportunities:
    • an international community
    • a world language
    • a university city
    • a historic denomination

FOUNDATION: what we believe

All that we are and all that we do is founded on our belief in the God who reveals himself through the Scriptures as:

  • God the Father,
    the sovereign Creator
    and daily Sustainer of all mankind
  • God the Son,
    the living Word who reveals God, and what it means to live in 'God's image';
    the loving Saviour who alone brings us to God through his death for our sin;
    the risen Lord who meets us through his Holy Spirit in his life-giving Word.
  • God the Holy Spirit,
    who glorifies Jesus as he brings us to new life and works in our lives:
    opening our mind to our need and our Saviour;
    humbling our will to repent and believe;
    moving our heart to loving devotion;
    thus building the church as witness to the world.

So God the three-in-one is in his very nature relationship. He has created us in his image, for relationship with him and with one another.

VALUES and AIMS: what matters to us, and what we want LEC to look like

Our desire is to be a 'biblical Gemeinde': making Christ visible in the world as we live in restored relationships with God and with one another.

  • Since God has spoken, we want His Word to be at the heart of our life together:
  • a Gemeinde where God's Word is taught and studied and passed on,
  • a People whose lives are shaped by that Word as we live it out in practice.
  • Since God has saved us, we want the cross to be at the heart of our life together:
  • a Gemeinde where God's saving grace is the foundation of all that we are and the motivation for all that we do,
  • a People who respond to Him in wholehearted devotion, humble dependence, and prayerful expectancy.
  • Since God gathers us to be Gemeinde, we want love for one another to be at the heart of our life together:
  • a Gemeinde where each one matters and all play their part,
  • a People who care for each others' needs, are committed to one anothers' growth, and use our gifts in mutual service.
  • Since God sends us out to a lost world, we want the spread of the gospel to be at the heart of our life together:
  • a Gemeinde with wide horizons which seeks to be a blessing to the wider church
  • a People who share God's concern for the lost as we go into all the world to make Christ known in words and works.

All this we seek for God's glory, compelled by Christ's love, in the strength of His Holy Spirit.

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